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Join Me for Round Table Discussion: Food Sovereignty


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University of Texas Medical Students Take A Break

These second year University of Texas Medical students take a break from for their two week long exam schedule to de-stress and reconnect with nature.  ECOTONE advocates the best place for calming ones nerves is to take in fresh air; feel the sunshine and put your hands in the dirt at your local community garden.  We were happy that the students chose to do so at St. Charles Street Urban Community Garden in Third Ward, Houston, TX which happens to be a mere 7 minutes from the Texas Medical Center where they are studying.  It doesn’t get much better than that.  We are excited that they fell in love with the experience and have committed to a regular gardening day schedule and planting their own beds, as it was said, “medical students get hungry too!”



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Presidential Acknowledgement Gives Our Efforts A Boost!


Presidential Acknowledgement


Thank you President Barack Obama for acknowledging the contribution we continue to make a priority through our advocacy for community sustainability, urban agriculture and global enrichment.  Likewise a huge thanks to all of the supporters of the ECOTONE mission! This is note is inspiring and supports the notion that what our organization is working toward in Houston matters — even to our President! –And, we proceed…