Urban agricultural activities have the direct effect of improving the livelihood of people living in cities.

Social benefits resulting in quality of life attributes such as:   better health and nutrition, increased income, employment, food security and community social life, are key components to building vibrant sustainable communities.

Get involved,  PARTICIPATE and improve your “Community Social Life!”  We offer several options:

  • become a Community Volunteer – help maintain a garden on a regular basis
  • schedule a Community Service Workday for your group (i.e.- company, organization, school field trip, club, or just a bunch of friends)
  • Donate materials (i.e.- garden tools, cinder blocks, organic soil, compost, seeds, garden furniture, solar, etc.)
  • Donate much needed funding
  • attend  Workshops or Demonstrations – get inspired to cultivate your own personal garden, learn to cook what you grow
  • support our Farmer’s Market efforts


Garden Day Flyer - Draft