Outreach: Workshops and Lectures

Workshops & Lectures


Small Bed Gardening: For small spaces and first-time gardeners

  • Instruction and tips on how to design and construct a garden bed for small spaces.
  • Information and examples of raised bed gardens, vertical and trellis gardens, container and bag gardens will be discussed.
  • Discussion on soil preparation, seed/plant selection, composting, garden maintenance, pest control, and ecological sustainability.
  • Highly recommended for first-time gardeners or those with restricted living space.

Instructor: Libby Culpepper, Master  Gardener



  • Seizing opportunities to connect with Urban Populations (community residents, schools, religious congregations, social clubs etc.) and interested Stakeholders advocating the value of urban gardening and development of sustainable urban communities.
  • Creating Awareness Campaigns to effect this conscience development of sustainable urban communities.
  • Conducting Cooking Demonstrations to encourage the practical appliations of healthy food planning in two steps:  home grown  and  home cooked benefits.


Career Day Lectures: “How Sustainable Are You In Your Plan For The Future?”

[attended by Houston Academy for International Studies Students @ HAIS]

Chef conducts Lunch and Learn Lecture:  “Developing a Comprehensive Community Sustainability Model”

[attended by University of Houston Doctoral Program Students @ ECO Market Cafe]

Talk and Tour:  “Embracing Sustainable Construction and Design in Urban Areas in Need of  Redevelopment and Restoration”

[attended by University of Louisiana Lafayette – Architectural Students @ ECO Market Cafe]

Talk and Tour:  “Eye on Third Ward:  Documenting the Need for Sustainability in Third Ward.  What Do We See What Do We Need?”

[attended by Jack Yates High School’s Photography Club @ ECO Market Cafe]

Talk and Tour: “ECOTONE:  St. Charles Street Urban Community Garden”

[attended by New Life Church’s Youth Ministry (on Spring Break)  from Woodbury, Minnesota @ St. Charles Street Urban Community Garden]

Talk and Tour:  “ECOTONE a Comprehensive Community Sustainability Model”

[attended by Texas Women’s University Nursing Students @ ECO Market Cafe]