Urban agriculture is a complex system encompassing a varied spectrum of interests from a traditional core of activities associated with the production, processing, marketing, distribution, and consumption, to a multiplicity of other benefits and services that are less widely acknowledged and documented.  Benefits include recreation and leisure; economic vitality and business entrepreneurship, individual health and well-being; community health and well being; landscape beautification; and environmental restoration and remediation.

Areas of Implementation:

  • Urban Community Gardens – Promoting healthy eating and subsequent sustainable lifestyles and facilitating  mentorship opportunities between senior and youth populations.
  • Urban Farmers Market – Introduction to an entrepreneurial bridge via the harvest of organically cultivated agriculture in urban areas
  • Workshops and Demonstrations – workshops targeting key elements of organic cultivation conducted by industry experts; and cooking demos (featured chefs demonstrate the culinary use of fresh produce in cost effective preparations).
  • School Programs– Youth Education – Outdoor community classroom motivating youth and seniors to optimize the use of unused land for cultivating sustainable food production.
  • Cooking Camp – “Community Kids Cook w/ Chef Tarsha” – a healthy food education program with its target demographic focused on urban community youth.

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