St. Charles Street Urban Community Garden

Located in the heart of Historic Third Ward – at 3616 St. Charles Street   Houston, TX 77004 in a historically African American residential area of Houston currently suffering from much needed redevelopment and revitalization.

This Urban Community Garden was built in cooperation with the City of Houston’s Urban Garden Program and their agreement to lease a blighted parcel of land to be revitalized for the purpose that we have actualized.  The City of Houston’s sole role in the success of this project was only to donated that land.  It was the responsibility of ECOTONE to clear, clean and develop our model and programming and funding independently.  We have made this tranformation as pictured above with in an 8 month timeframe (see the before picture below).

Currently we are approaching our third planting season with the coming of  Spring 2011 and have been successful in cultivating a myriad of culturally diverse produce as a direct result of the generous donations of our valued partner Botanical Interests ( ) located in Colorado who has donated seeds many of which are certified organic.

This site, while only one year old (on December 1, 2010)  has already served its purpose and the surrounding community well as we have hosted  many groups, students, community residence, religious congregations, and area garden clubs by providing an opportunity for community service and hands-on interactivy and education as it relates to all of the aspects of  cultivating urban agriculture and small space gardening and overall community sustainability (i.e.– recycling, rain water harvesting, etc.)

As we forge forward to the great expansion of our model WE INVITE YOU to JOIN HANDS WITH US as we MAKE A GLOBAL CONTRIBUTION FOR THE BENEFIT OF OUR FUTURE!